Designing and manufacturing of
dental equipment for
endodontics and other
fields of dentistry



ESTUS - dental complex is designed for carrying out procedures in the field of dentistry and consists of the following devices:


Endodontic motor «Estus Drive» (including Irrigation pump «Estus Pump», Smart stand «Estus Smart-B», Wireless adapter «Estus USB»),

Device for root canal obturation «Estus Pack-Fill»,

Device for electric dental pulp testing «Estus Pulp»,

Dental light curing device «Estus Light»,

Endodontic ultrasonic scaler «Estus Sonic»,

Apex locator «Estus Apex»,


The listed devices are connected via a radio channel to a common control unit «Estus Multi»:


With the help of the ESTUS MULTI control unit, it becomes possible to expand the functionality of the listed products, simplify the process of setting them up and provide a more visual indication of their operating parameters. Data transmission and reception between ESTUS MULTI and other devices of the Estus dental complex is carried out via radio channel.

Endodontic motor

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